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Stacey D'Erasmo
Her debut novel Tea, displays a lifesaving soulfulness. Inspirational prose in the face of the steamroller culture.

Marla Tiara tracks down bis in Boston and gets the lowdown on the Glasgow trio

Sarah Dougher
Blending punk, folk and soul Sarah Dougher hits pay dirt with Day One

Saint Etienne
Tara Nicole Widmer follows Saint Etienne on their recent tour, checking out shows in Seattle and Vancouver before confronting Cracknell and Wiggs in San Francisco at the Fillmore.

April March
American pop with a French twist. April March brings the joys of ye-ye to the land of hamburgers and Coca-Cola. By Gerry Belsha

.Carrie Brownstein
"You're my guitar hero!" The best rock&roll guitarist this side of Pete Townsend and Mick Jones speaks to Check This Out!


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Optimism is a revolutionary act!

I'm only in it for the goodies Elisabeth Esselink of Solex discovers the wealth she has accumulated over the last three years

Their new album, Sweet Revenge (Kill Rock Stars), brilliantly captures the spirit of their live shows. Check This Out! spoke with Sarah Utter and Maggie Vail about Sweet Revenge and the return of the great power ballad.

Sean Kelly photo

Kim Gordon
Our sister publication, Venus magazine, interviews Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. Whatever you do, don't call her a lady.

Shannon Wright
Her new album, maps of tacit (Quarterstick), continues her trip into southern gothic. With a voice from the gut and a starkness that revels in minimal settings, Wright sings like it is a matter of life and death.

Elizabeth Elmore
Is there life after Sarge? Elizabeth Elmore talks to Check This Out! about law school, Sarge, her solo life and the future.

On their new album, All Hands on the Bad One (Kill Rock Stars) Sleater-Kinney takes a stand against cynicism, consumer culture and the dude mentality. And they're having fun doing it. Check This Out! talks with Carrie Brownstein about the rock 'n roll fun.

Gail O'Hara
Through her Chickfactor 'zine, her record label Enchante, her photography and her fab parties, Gail O'Hara has her finger on the pulse of the pop scene. And what a scene it is.

Mary Timony
Her new album Mountains (Matador), shows the way out of the darkness, displaying a lyrical imagery that is interwoven into music that at times can be bare to the bones basic and at other times decorative. Timony spoke to Check This Out! about her songwriting, music communities, Helium and doing commercials with William Shatner.

Lois Maffeo
After a three-year break from live performances, she's back and better than ever. Maffeo talks to Check This Out! about her latest collaboration with Brendan Canty, the CD The Union Themes (Kill Rock Stars), politics, songwriting and stereotypes.

Elisabeth Esselink
Her music features samples and beats hitting you from every direction. Funky, jazzy, bombastic and melodic, Esselink's Solex is a creation out of this world.

Le Tigre
Messing with pop aesthetics and boundaries, Le Tigre is the most dangerous band around. Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman talk about art, polemics and fuckface politicians.

April March's French Music for Beginners 101 Chanteuse April March supplies a French Music Primer for eager students.

Celibacy Rachel Kramer Bussel examines celibacy. Could it be right for you?

CD & LIVE: Fatboy Slim, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Max Romeo, The Clash From Here to Eternity, Rhino's Wild 50s, Le Tigre, Lauren Hoffman From The Blue House and more.

A Woman Like That

Marla Tiara has more than spring fever.

Tara Nicole Widmer takes a pop quiz.

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