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October 3, 2000

Gail O'Hara photography exhibit

The photography of Chickfactor magazine editor Gail O'Hara will be on exhibit at Other Music in New York, Oct. 1-22. The exhibit includes portraits of Stephin Merritt and members of The Magnetic Fields, Amy Linton (The Aislers Set), Belle & Sebastian, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, Barbara Manning, Lois, Liz Phair, Aggi Pastel, Janet Weiss, Stevie Jackson, Pamela Berry, The Foxgloves, Scott Plouf (Built to Spill), Robert Forster (The Go-Betweens), Pavement, Salmon Skin, Sleater-Kinney and Containe.

The Microphones and Mirah set shows

The Microphones and Mirah will be doing a few shows with Modest Mouse in September and October, and then will be heading east for shows on their way to the CMJ show in New York. They will also be hooking up for shows with the Softies and Wolf Colonel in the end of September. Mirah will also be doing shows with Calvin Johnson in California in October. Dates: Microphones, Mirah and Modest Mouse, Sept. 5 Portland (Crystal Ballroom) Oct. 5-6 Los Angeles (John Anderson Ford Theater) Oct. 8-9 San Francisco (The Fillmore). Mirah and Calvin Johnson, Oct. 2 San Francisco, (venue TBA) Oct. 3 Santa Cruz (venue TBA) Oct. 4 Los Angeles (The Smell). Microphones w/ Softies, Wolf Colonel, and Mirah Sept. 27 Olympia (Midnight Sun) Sept. 28 Portland (Meow Meow) Sept. 29 Bellingham (WWU Coffee House) Sept. 30 Seattle (Sit and Spin).

New Fatboy Slim album Nov. 7

The third album by Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars will be released Nov. 7 in the United States on Astralwerks Records. The album's first single, "Sunset (Bird of Prey)," will feature a vocal sample of Doors singer Jim Morrison, and will be released on Oct. 16 in the United Kingdom; its U.S. release date is not yet confirmed. The album will also include two songs featuring vocals by soul singer Macy Gray.

Weller announces US tour dates

Paul Weller will begin on a ten-date U.S. tour in Boston on October 6. The dates: Oct. 6 - Boston (Avalon Ballroom) Oct. 7 - New York (Roseland Ballroom) Oct. 9 - Washington, D.C. (TBA) Oct. 11-12 - Chicago (The Vic) Oct. 15-16 - Los Angeles (Wiltern Theater) Oct. 17-18 - San Francisco (The Fillmore).

emplive.com launches Riot Grrrl Retrospective

emplive.com has launched, Riot Grrrl Retrospective, a new special feature that explores the musical and political movement known as riot grrrl (http://www.emplive.com/explore/riot_grrrl/index.asp.) By using streaming audio and video as well as artifacts and performance footage, emplive.com presents the history of riot grrrl as told by the participants.

The inception of riot grrrl occurred in the spring of 1991, as women musicians, including Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney, Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill, Molly Neuman of Bratmobile and other women from Washington, D.C.; Eugene, Ore.; and Olympia, Wash. began creating and expanding a community of artists and activists. By the spring of 1992 riot grrrl was a full-fledged musical and political movement that spanned the nation and the world. Due to riot grrrl's often inflammatory approach to politics and music, many people, including the mainstream media, focused on the most provocative elements of the movement. Feeling forced into a corner by what they perceived as an inaccurate and narrow perspective of riot grrrl, many of the original participants retreated from the public eye and from the movement.

"Riot grrrl is an educational, inspirational, and revolutionary movement that is best illustrated through its original means of expression--the music, fanzines and spoken word of the artists," explains Candice Pedersen, web marketing and promotions specialist for emplive.com and alumni of the Olympia, Wash. music community.

In December of 1999, EMP brought together many of the key original players from the riot grrrl movement for three days of interviews, a panel discussion and live performances. The Riot Grrrl Retrospective documents and clarifies important moments in the history of the movement. By utilizing footage from the December interviews and performances, in conjunction with EMP's vast collection of artifacts from the era (recordings, posters, photographs, and fanzines), the Riot Grrrl Retrospective presents the lasting impact of the movement as experienced by the women involved and those whom it inspired.

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